• Find with confidence, quickly and easily what you are looking for. The One stop Amazon page links to various  independent  yoga shops.  
  • Alternatively,  The Ekotex link takes you to a small company, based in Edinburgh, providing sustainable mats and prop.  Although, I have not used all their products, they are definitely a reputable company but may not stock everything.



  • AMAZON (linking to independent Yoga shops) Start by choosing your YOGA MAT. Beginners may want a cheaper option to get started.  More practiced yogis might be looking for something stronger and grippier. Below mats to suit all budgets/abilities.


ESSENTIAL PROPS below,  can be slowly built up over time to make your basic yoga kit.  BLOCKS, High density bricks or cork BRICKS, Yoga BELT (minimum 2.50 metres), Fleecy BLANKET to cosy up in final rest OR  if you prefer a firmer cotton blanket,  useful also for support. Then of course you will need a good YOGA BAG to carry your equipment around.

If you are into Restorative Yoga then you will need a BOLSTER.  Choose from Blue dove organic cotton  (softer, warmer,  can slightly loose shape) or Yoga Studio buckwheat hulls (cooler, firmer, maintains shape).  An  EYE PILLOW helps  close out  light it will also relax your optic nerve and enable quicker relaxation.

Investment in a YOGA CHAIR….. perhaps,  at a later stage.  The yoga chair  is a very versatile and supportive prop which really supports, advances pose and checks alignment.

FEETUP STOOL,  amazing for inversions, protecting your neck while learning, great  for core work,  gives confidence and all the physical benefits of being inverted.


Meditation CUSHIONS can help you sit upright and comfortable while meditating or simply for sitting in class.  A SHAWL wrapped around you while meditating will keep you warm and contain your energy. A smudging CANDLE, INCENSE OR SPRAY  can cleanse your room.


These EXTRA PROPS are not so essential but can bring an element of home practice fun and playfulness while developing your pose!

For ChiBall practice  you do need a small ball. The ChiBall trademark balls are scented, coloured and relate to the season.  You  can also choose according to the colour that attracts you most.  If they are a little out of your budget then a small gym ball would work well too!

                  OR ——> 

BOOKS to deepen your knowledge or simply to understand a little more.

DVD’s for knowledge or to practise your yoga alongside



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