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If  you are still unsure about giving yoga a try then take a look at what Linda’s students are saying:

“Linda’s  yoga class is relaxed, friendly and easy going, with new ideas being introduced regularly.  The combination of postures work really well bringing improved flexibility and well being.  I always leave her class feeling calm, energised and happy.  I now know the importance of making time for yoga after experiencing all the benefits of a regular yoga practice.”
Mary Western – Sports & Therapeutic Massage Therapist

“I really look forward to Monday nights as I know  that I will come away from Linda’s yoga class leaving all my tension behind and I get a great night’s sleep! I would recommend anyone to give it a try.”
Alison Marshal-  P.A.

“In 2009 I was training hard for a Himalayan climbing expedition and wondered if yoga could complement my physical and mental preparation.  One2one with  Linda helped me develop a solid grounding in the basics of yoga and gave me the confidence to attend her class and practice at home.  I became strong and focussed and the benefits have passed into my climbing work and personal life.  Yoga is not just a work out it’s a way of life. ”
Adele Martin Forensics Dunfermline

“Every Monday evening class is great. I really enjoyed tonight’s class again and just love the variation you offer each week. Looking forward to a great nights sleep!
See you next week.”
Wilma Bennett – Administrator

“I attended Linda’s first ever yoga class and  although I’m not supple or bendy she assured me that it wasn’t important.  Everyone works to their own ability making yoga suitable for all – including me!   Linda makes every class different and fun,  incorporating all areas of yoga so there is always something for everyone………….  Oh, and I’m a bit more bendy now!!! ”
Morag Jackson  Sales consultant

“Yoga class is my reset point of the week.  The challenges boost my spirit, the relaxation calms my mind.  Despite other calls on my time I would not miss it by choice.”
Lindsey Craig Dunfermline

“I have been practicing for 2 years now and Linda’s class has helped me through a journey from curious interest to a now daily home practice.  The classes are well thought out with endless fresh ideas supporting whatever level a student wishes to work at (yogis choice) and above all are much fun and enjoyable.  Initially my interest was in the physical fruits but I have learned that yoga can brings something positive to all aspects of my life.”
Steven Feilding Dunfermline

“We have been going to Linda’s yoga classes for 3 years  and have found the benefits far reaching in everyday life.  The classes give us a sense of well being, improved joint mobility, balance, flexibility  and attitude to life.  The classes are well structured with a sense of fun and cater or all abilities.”
Colin and Olga

“I have been attending Linda’s classes for two years and can honestly say they have changed my life.  The  classes are built around a predictable  structure but the content is appropriately varied.  I always find them interesting and challenging.  In addition to the regular sessions monthly theme nights have introduced me to new ways of practicing and different schools of yoga.  Linda is always friendly and reassuring.  She has helped me to find a way of practicing that suits my own physical needs  She has gently encouraged me to deepen my practice and find out more about many aspects of yoga.  Since I started practicing with Linda, when I could barely touch my toes, yoga has become a central part of my life practicing daily.  I even get up at 5 am to do it!!!”
Zillah Scott

“Yoga is central to my life and and has helped me  focus through  bad times and  good.  Discovering yoga has been one of the best things that has happened to me.  I always hated gym and hockey at school and yoga was a revelation to me.  It  promotes stamina, flexibility and peace of mind.  Linda’s classes give lot’s of variety with monthly theme nights to give a taste of different practices.  I particularly enjoy her insights into chakras, energy work and inner focus.  Namaste!”
Caroline Oldham – Kinross

“I have been practicing for 6 years and with Linda 5 years.  I enjoy her classes a lot and find the variety of postures challenging, refreshing and stimulating for my physical health and general well being.  I also enjoy the spiritual aspect and I find it interesting to learn about the origin and  philosophy of yoga and what it can offer to the Western world.  The theme nights Linda offers are an incredible learning experience and opens our minds to different types of yoga.  I highly recommend these classes!”
Adi Cohen Dunfermline