LOOKING back at 2018


4 January 2019.
Hi Yogis.                      NEWS – Looking back at 2018
It’s been an eventful yoga year ! Many of you graced your presence at all the practices and spaces on offer. Others attended what they could. Either way it’s been a great delight for me to see that not only are you open to new experience but that you are ready to unveil who you truly are and it is an honour to be on that discovery with you.. “ Through the self to the self!”
Our classes before the summer holidays in 2018 were at Dunfermline High where we have been since it’s opening. I confess it was with a little sadness that I had to seek out a new venue due to rising costs . After the holidays the choice was made and we moved to Carnegie Hall and glad to say that the majority of you have given good feedback on that move………. phew! Beginning to feel like our home ground.
Now then, besides our regular yoga classes…….Let’s remember what we did in 2018 :

We went to the space upstairs
( delivered along with my colleague/ friend Clare) in Burntisland for this unique human mandala practice of mandala namaskars, mantra , mudra heart circuit and a collective beach mandala made of shells, seaweed and driftwood from our shores.

SUMMERTIME YOGA took us for a freebie session at the Bandstand in the public park and fortunately yet again we were blessed
with outstanding weather. The view, the air, the, quiet and our circular connection was bliss!

ROOFTOP YOGA. on those rare , stuffy, hot Scottish nights we practised on the rooftop balcony with the breeze on our face at Dunfermline High.

great favourite and we had one in Spring
in the circular room at Dunf. high and
one a couple of weeks before Christmas
at Carnegie Hall finding our favourite poses to use throughout the festivities. Aaaah! Zzzzzzz! Mmmmmm!

STAGED YOGA unexpectedly, showing our “flexibility” to adapt, we performed our yoga class on the Carnegie Hall stage ( our usual room was required for a play) quite an experience even without an audience!

This wonderful, local getaway on our doorstep
offers peace, tranquility and time for
reflection. A weekend of yoga, sound and
treatments in the comfortable and luxurious surroundings. Enjoy delicious, freshly
prepared vegetarian food. A treat for the mind/body. A few spaces always opened up to visiting yogis
too . This year was the second time for us. Let me know if any of you wish to go again?


Thank you girls🙏

Taking a journey through the chakras. Applying posture, mudra and mantra to each chakra feeling cleansed and renewed.

MONTHLY MOON CLASS Around full moon we focus on hip openers. Clearing the physical hip tension held there and clearing the lower 3 chakras which bind us to the earth. We let go of anything negative or non serving.

within class we have learned and themed our salutations on the energies of the SUN, MOON &. EARTH ranging from many different lineages of yoga.

New Monthly PHILOSOPHY GROUP. Only started in Nov 18 . Taking a deeper look at the things you do in yoga and why. It’s easy to understand , your opinion is welcomed and discussion too or you can just observe, listen and take it in.

CANDLELIGHTYOGA. Lastclass of 2018. Slow, flowing and a gentle practice to suggestive candlelight and festive music. We were left with deep calm and spiritual connection honing into the seasonal festive energy. Om shanti!
Forgive me if I have missed out anything you thought exciting or unusual, challenging or perhaps a lightbulb moment but you can tell from the above selection that we don’t do boring!
Kicking off the first Monday classes of 2019 with a DETOX practice! Starting at usual times 6 pm and 7.10 p
Thank YOU for your attendance, loyalty and commitment to me and above all …………..to yourself.
Trusting that all of you passed the festivities in good company and health. Wishing you all that you desire for 2019.
See you on the mat! Linda 🙏

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