Description of Classes

MONDAY – Mixed levels – 6pm Carnegie Hall music inst. Annexe

Energising yet relaxing this 1 hour and 05 min class is ideal for all levels of  practice. Stages of postures and alternatives to choose from are offered throughout.

You  will begin to flow in the style of  Core Strength Vinyasa Flow


MONDAY – Intermediate  7.10pm  Carnegie Hall music inst. Annexe

fully flowing with the principles of Core Strength Vinyasa and more !

This challenging  yet relaxing 1 hour and 20 min class is definitely for those who have done yoga before. Experiencing  a variety of yoga postures and challenging flows.  From time to time breaking postures down to understand their components.

Within the flow there will always be a place to stay or a place to grow your practice.

ashtanga-namaskaraIntegrity in every pose connecting us to our inner teacher and breath.


THURSDAY – Beginners –  7.00 pm

This class is for complete novices . Here you will learn the basic alignment of postures and salutations, breaths and meditations. A stepping stone to the next level.


THURSDAY morning  – Mixed levels – 10.30 am

Jks ( karate)  Elgin Industrial Estate


RESTORATIVE YOGA  – An  Occasional  class  usually held on a class night or a Mini workshop.    Also Occasional restorative poses in class.

Next one : date to be confirmed 

A  passive yoga practice which completely supports the spine and skeleton in different positions on bolsters or props. Thus,  allowing the muscles to drape from the bones.

This activates  the para sympathetic nervous system (responsible for relaxation) and switches off the simpathetic nervous system (resposible for our fight, flight or freeze response) bringing a sense of deep relaxation and release.

It is in these conditions that deep and profound healing can take place,  whether that be of an emotional, mental or physical need.  It is also very effective at opening the body, lifting your mood  and  promoting an amazing   Zzzzzzzzzz   sleep!