Class chat 21/05/2012

Here comes  the sun!!!!!        Yoga  cultivates  the inner sun/light and when  lit we can get that same feeling of a wonderful hot summer’s day.  Not so many of you in class last night no doubt the delight of  a rare sunny evening and parents night  kept many of you away.  See you all back next week as Suryanamaskar has been moved to the 2nd last week of June so need to keep practice going.   For some on the night  12 rounds will be enough,  for others working in relay and for a few going till they can .  The aim is to do as many rounds as we can ………..but  it’s really not about quantity,  more about class intention, working together,   participating, supporting  who ( if any ) are left going for the full amount.  Queen Anne has generously waivered  the rent  so……. no yoga cards to be used that night.  Please bring £5  which will go into the pot plus any friendly sponsorship/donation from your family or friends.  Feel free to blog your thoughts, questions  or ideas.  Meantime put on that sun cream and do a few rounds!!!