Class chat 1/02/2016

So as your phsoas !

This bio -intelligent muscle (either side of the body) is the messenger and not the culpret in delivering a message from your central nervous system.  Alarm (bells!!!)  that something is not quite right.  If your instinctive reaction of fight,  flight or freeze response cannot be fulfilled then trauma however big or small is trapped in your phsoas bringing tightness and dryness keeping it in a state of tension and alarm.  Without opportunity to fulfill its role  the tension remains and creates misalignment, pain and symptoms.  Addressing the problem not the symptom is the answer and you can do this work by first and foremost relaxing this sensitive muscle patiently , gently lengthening it and finally toning it . Our exploration in class has made us  look at this misterious muscle in a very different light!