LOOKING back at 2018

  4 January 2019. Hi Yogis.                      NEWS – Looking back at 2018 It’s been an eventful yoga year ! Many of you graced your presence at all the practices and spaces on offer. Others attended what they could. Either way it’s been a great delight Continue reading »

New Year new blog

Picking up the blog page again after so much time lapsed. Watch this space for class content and feel free to comment.Linda

Class chat 1/02/2016

So as your phsoas ! This bio -intelligent muscle (either side of the body) is the messenger and not the culpret in delivering a message from your central nervous system.  Alarm (bells!!!)  that something is not quite right.  If your instinctive reaction of fight,  flight or freeze response cannot be fulfilled then trauma however big Continue reading »

WU TAO Class Chat 27/01/2016

First night of Wu Tao dance at Dunfermline High.  (Wed 7pm ) A new practice in Scotland.   Created by  Michelle Lock from her love of dance and Traditional Chinese medicine. From the merging of  her two loves and  her desire to help people heal,  an uplifting  and very relaxing  therapy unfolded,   quite different Continue reading »

Class chat 4/01/2016

Welcome back  to yoga yogis/yogini and “Happy 2016” Good work out to get us back into our yoga routine,   next week will be a detox session…………….. be ready!

Class chat 14/12/2015

Last class of the year ended in a wonderful chill out with Restorative yoga!   Thank you all who attended. We fitted like a glove into the unusual, quarter circle room.  Low lights, warm and quiet the perfect conditions to let go.  Many of you attend regularly this event when it is on so the Continue reading »

Class chat 30/11/2015

Back from beautiful Bali and their welcoming and humble people.  Michelle Locke creator of Wu Tao put us through our paces for 6 hours a day .   It was an amazing experience and privilidge to learn from  someone so knowledgable of TCM and who,  by the way,  dances like an angel. An amazing journey Continue reading »

chat 27/11/2015

Just back from beautiful Bali, feeling cold and a bit jet lagged to say the least.  Had a wonderful time and now also  a Wu Tao instructor!!!!    A Wu Tao class starting after the year so let me know if it interests you??? YOGA CLASSES are  back to normal starting Monday 30th November at Continue reading »