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DAY/TIME                 Venue                           Suitability


MON –  6pm    –  Dunfermline High     –    BEGINNERS  2

If you know some yoga       Off 13/11 one night only

MON – 7.15pm  – Dunfermline High   –   INTERMEDIATE

If you are well practised     Off 13/11 one night only

TUE  – 6.45 pm      Carnegie Hall          –      YogaEase

Therapeutic class for chronic issues

WED  – 8 pm        Dunfermline High     –   Beginner 1

 if you are a  complete novice

THUR –10.30am  JKS – Elgin Ind.Estate  –  Mixed level class

Suitable for all


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(NO NEED  to have a Paypal account you can pay as a guest)