Class chat 21/04/2014

We worked last night in a more advanced way with the bodies natural responses to facilitate our practice, reciprocal response and bandhas around the joints.  Fascinating bodies we inhabit!!! Earth Day 22/04/2014 .  Have you thought about it???? QUOTE    ” I appeal to all people everywhere to raise their voices. Speak out on behalf of Continue reading »

Class chat 14/04/2014

A wonderful turn out of  students beginning their yogic journey.   I am sure that many of you as I did will find some of the yogic practices strange.  Keep an open mind and explore the experience it will soon bear it’s fruits, Keep doing the work and get high on yoga!! Easter Monday classes as normal.

Class chat 8/04/2014

Deep, calming , exploration last night,  taking time to work from the inside out.  Fight, flight or freeze!   Not a new game just learning the language of the  psoas.  Relaxing it before stretching it gives it  tone and new suppleness.  Our block opened our lumber , thoracic and shoulders. The wall helped our quads and a Continue reading »

Easter Break class 31/03/2014

Easter break class at Queen Anne had a good turn out for a detoxifying practice taking it   to your own level within a mixed level class.  Thank you yogis and see all who can make it for next week’s  2nd practice at Q A  this will be a more relaxing but opening practice so please bring a Continue reading »

Class chat 24/03/2014

Great amount of new comers to yoga this year!  Fantastic to see you eagerly attending and becoming stronger and more flexible with each week. Stick with it and you will be amazed at the changes that will unfold physically and mentally.  Our intermediate class last night was smaller than usual and so we took advantage of that Continue reading »

Class notice 3/03/2014

HI Yogis ………Chakra Balancing tonight. Lovely class last Mon revisiting Vashistasana ! See all who can make it.    Linda

Class 10th February

Prop night tonight yogis!  Remember to bring props :  Blocks, bricks,  belt and  blanket .  Improvise if  you don’t have them , eg. a scarf for a belt,  a firm book  or two to use as brick/blocks, a towel instead of a blanket.  See you in class !

Class chat 06/01/2014

Happy New Yoga !!!! After the festive indulgence everyone agreed a Detox practice was just what we needed… …….the heat was on!  Intention,  faster pace,  lots of twists and core work accompanied by Kabalhbati breath, Lions breath , Ujjaii  breath and Bhramaree breath. Our opening and closing mantra was Ganesh the remover of obstacles : “OM gumgunapataye Namaha!!!” A great start Continue reading »

Class chat 2/12/2013

Your hard work is paying off yogis as more and more postures are within reach. Physically this feels great as they manifest into your practice and mentally it gives you a feeling of personal achievement,  nevertheless “yoga” can be achieved with the practice of fewer postures, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.  Postures alone are not the only road Continue reading »

Class chat 26/11/2013

Vinyasa – to place in a special way. Vinyasa flow – one movement one breath. Vinyasa krama – building postures with integrity,  finding a place to stay or a place to grow,  reaching YOUR peak pose !!! Core strength Vinyasa – “Surrendering,  grounding into the earth,  accessing the core of the body and waving through Continue reading »