Class chat 20/10/2014

Last night was DETOX plenty of Kapalabhati, twists and heat  phew!!!  After practice drink lots of water,  cut out the processed foods and increase your fruit and veggies  in abundance.  You will feel Omazing!! Autumn  and nature teaches us that it is time to  let go.  Detox your body systems of all the stagnant toxins, Continue reading »


Great  show of yogis for the October holiday class.  Returned to vist  our ~Surya Namaskar after weeks of Mandala Namaskar and also at full moon last week our Chandra Namaskar.  Very pleased to see that no one struggled or faltered if anything it was stronger and flowed more smoothly.   We are building our knowledge of Continue reading »

Class chat 6/10/2014

H yogis,  great progress with Mandala Namaskar .  It’s beginning to feel like the never ending flow/wheel of life!  OMazing! NOTICE :  all classes (except DUNFERMLINE HIGH & Keavil) are off week beg 13 and 20 October . N.B.  Dunfermline High during these 2 weeks will run ONE ONLY,  mixed level class at 7pm   

Class chat 3/08/2014

                 Loch Tay moments Just back  from the river Tay and had some fantastic early morning  yoga sessions, wind in my hair, pebbles beneath my feet (ouch! ) and complete stillness and quiet. p.s. see you tomorrow  in class for another summer time yoga session 6.30pm !

Class Chat 21/07/14

Yoga  “al Fresco”  at the bandstand in the public park was fantastic could not have asked for a better night weather wise.  Many thanks to those who  made the effort to come……… I am sure you will agree it was worth it!   Next week 28/07 yoga is off See  all who can back at Dunf High on the Continue reading »


Working with the breath in Shushumna nadi transferred our asana into  pulsing,breathing connscious, awareness,  rewarding us with more opening, release and surrender .  Astounding results in forward bends last night yogis!

Class chat 17/06/2014

Hip hip hip hooray again last night !   Nice to delve deeper around full moon  and the perfect practice for such a hot night.

Class chat 12/05/2014

Our lateral opening tonight allowed for more obvious length in our  side body, opening in our shoulders  and expansion in the chest,  very energising and uplifting.  Exploration of Chaturanga Dandasana made hot work but amusing  upside  down.  See you next week for moon practice.

Class chat 21/04/2014

NEW Yoga Class – COMPLETE BEGINNERS 1 Basics – STARTING  12/01 Mon 5pm at Dunfermline High.  This will be an 8 week block and will offer progression into beginners 2 at 6pm.  Please email if you would like to block book or drop in. Great class again yogis keep up the dedicated practice! PLEASE Continue reading »