Class chat 16/02/2015

Very Beautiful “Valentine,  heart opening flow”   in class tonight.   A gift to yourself and to others.  What we put in we give out. Lifting and opening both the physical and the energetic heart instills feelings of peace and joy! Nice focus yogis,,,,,,,,,,,,,, see you next week for some core strength.


Trying to fit in an extra yoga class???   Your Myoga4u yoga card can now be used at JKS on a Thursday morning.


Great Monday night, general flow and back to stretching, strengthening and peak poses. Fantastic Ardha Chandra Chapasana (Sugarcane pose). Well done all! Meet challenge as an opportunity on or off the mat for transformation and personal growth.   When you open your hearts and minds to new things, new  things happen (as simple as that) Continue reading »

class chat 19/01/2015

Hi Yogis the last 3 sessions should have you by now   feeling  physically, mentally and emotionally balanced and detoxed . Ready to go next week with some strength and flexibility ? See you Monday 26th for an exciting peak pose practice!!

Class chat 5/01/2015

NEWS  for the beginning of 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR as we  kicked off on the 5th with a moon practice releasing stuck and toxic emotions held within the hips.  Fantastic turn out yogis  remember  your green smoothie  !  Drop in to class welcome! The 12th will be a very dynamic detox to rid the physical toxins accumulated Continue reading »

Class chat 15/12/2014

The last yoga class of the  year at Dunf. High with  a heart opening practice to prepare us to give and receive in this season of goodwill.  Merry Christmas everyone!! Namaste! Friday 19/12/14   at FKSDA  @ 6pm is sadly the last yoga class  of the year  with Linda.

class chat 1/12/2014

Fantastic turn out for Restorative Yoga.    😛  Yet another tool for our yoga tool box  of practices, relaxing,  healing,  enhancing our human experience!!   If you missed it then watch out for the next big one in a few months time! Meantime on a smaller note,  feeling stressed, exhausted,  close to burn out then Continue reading »

Class chat 1/12/2014

Restorative Yoga   –  tonight @ Dunfermline High – 6.30-8.30   #Bring your mat, Bolster or 2 pillows, a blanket any blocks or belts you have and please, please dress warmly.  £10 or 2 yoga card clicks.

Class chat 17/11/2014

Great class last night yogis. Reminding you that next MON 24/11   class times as normal  and 1st  DECEMBER  will be RESTORATIVE 2 yoga card clicks or £10 –  6.30 – 8.30. If you have already been to this then you don’t need convincing about how much a treat it is to all your body systems, Continue reading »

Class chat 10/11/14

Hi yogis great to see you all in class with dedication to practice.  Very Sorry if  Monday many  were unable to attend due to lack of parking. Fortunately it is not a frequent occurrence at our venue.   Please note : Monday 1st December will be a long awaited  RESTORATIVE EVENING,  it will start at 6.30 Continue reading »