Class chat 29/06/2015

It’s been a while yogis since we revisited the 5 Tibetans.  You all appeared to do them with such ease……….. well done!   Another look at psoas last night too, our bio intelligent muscles. First relaxing them,  passively lengthening and finally stretching.  Walking with a zing now yogis!!!     PLEASE REMEMBER FOR THE NEXT Continue reading »

Class chat 22/06/2015

Adho Mukha Svanasana Great Down dog clinic last night.  Fantastic explorations and openings to feed into your muscle memory and  practice.  Your strap (leish) I’m sure, has taken on new  meaning! May your down dog,  bark happily ever after!  WOOOOF!! May y

Class chat 14/06/2015

Amazing day at Windmill  Barn with all the lovely yogis who  were present at the meditation workshop yesterday.   If you have forgotton the moves of the beautiful and  flowing  “Tsalgi”  meditation/salutation that we practiced yesterday in the grounds, check out the workshop page   for a YOU TUBE video I found. See you Monday in Continue reading »

Class chat 25/05/15

PLEASE REMEMBER  Yogis   No Monday classes at DH on the 1st of June N.B.  2 Morning Places left on the Meditation in motion workshop on the 13th June Great class working on the family of runner, anjeyanasana,  high lunge and warrier 1. 


    Beautiful weather yogis try practicing outside and absorb the beauty of nature and intake the vitality of prana !!    


Tonight was the last week of the Easter holiday  class at Dunf High  so see you all back Monday 20th  6pm Beginners and 7.15pm Intermediate for a detox practice as………….. Spring is definately in the air !

Class chat 16/03/2015

Svadhyaya Self Study  Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself. -Chin. How are you feeling physically , mentally , emotionally  today???

Thursday class chat 26/02/2005

Lovely little new beginners class tonight.  Welcome to all of you.  There is still time to join us in our practice and  a if you are thinking about starting yoga this class is perfect for you.