R E S T O R A T I V E    Y O G A     14th December 2015  — Dance Studio in Dunfermline High   –      6.30 -8.30pm Relax and Revitalise  ……….before the Festive rush!   Continue reading »

Class chat 26/10/2015

Both Dunfermline High classes back to normal times –  6pm Beginners and 7.15 Intermediate

Class chat 5/10/15

CHANGE OF TIME OVER THE OCTOBER BREAK Yoga classes during the holiday break 12th and 19th October are one mixed level class at Dunfermline High and start at 6.30  (1 hour) Drop in very welcome. NEW FACILITY TO BOOK AND PAY ONLINE (or pay in class) To avoid queuing on the night you can now prepay and Continue reading »

Class Chat 28/09/2015

Suuuuuuper Mooooon!!!  Loved last night’s energy, cool, calm and grounded accompanied by deep, strong, fluid postures and salutations.  Really conecting to that female moon energy and ready to let go of anything that doesn’t serve us making space for new opportunities ahead.  In our practice of moons  :   Chandrasana, Anjeyanasana, Ardha Chandrasana, Ardha Parivrtta Continue reading »

Class chat 21/09/15

  A  journey into our inner landscape can be both relaxing and  a revelation.   Once guided in there, the discovery  of a whole new universe begins.   Last  night’s class began with just one of the many journeys available to us .  Great focus and  exploration yogis!  

Class chat 14/09/2015

Yoga on a physical level is often thought of as ” stretching” and of course that is partly true  but on a physical level it is so much more :  strengthening through the support of the breath, alignment of the skeleton,  accessing  our  deep core line, correct placement of shoulders,  rib cage and hips,  engaging the bandhas  and dristis Continue reading »

Class chat 17/08/2015

First class back at Dunfermline High and a nice start back.  Classes were small so a great opportunity to explore!!!   I suspect that beautiful August sunshine  that we were blessed with yesterday kept some yogis away.    I also  have a hunch one or two of you  might have gone to Queen Anne!!! JKS Continue reading »

Class chat 27/07/2015

Nice class yogis great focus on moving back before moving forward. See you next week @ Queen Anne. Padma mudra……… another to add to our growing collection !

Class chat 6/07/2015

First session of Summertime yoga at Queen Anne and a great turn out !  So pleased to see  many of you keeping a space in the week for YOU.   The hall is  quiet and spacious  so plenty of room for drop in students if you are looking for a class over the summer.  See Continue reading »