When the student is ready, the master appears – Buddha

Core intention : Encourage and inspire each student to find their inner teacher.

Linda applies the  principles of  Core Strength Vinyasa  while respecting the ancient teachings of yoga:

Grounding into the earth,  accessing the core of the body  and waving through the spine to the  unique expression of each individual .”      

“It is a privilege and a  joy to share any knowledge gained with my amazing students. Together we learn. 🙏 Much gratitude to each and every one of you.” Linda🙏

Below you can see Linda’s ongoing yoga journey/education 2006 – present :

  • 2006. Qualified as a 500 hour classical Hatha Yoga teacher – Anahata School of yoga
  • Qualified  in Pre and Postnatal Jane McKarness & Maggie McKeen.
  • Certificate cpd My Beautiful Yoga Birth Maggie McKeen
  • Qualified as Thai massage practitioner  – T M O – Jeff Pritchard
  • Certificate – Accupressure & Meridian Massage for massage therapists Jeffry Chand
  • Completed  an immersion in Vinyasa Flow Claire Missingham
  • Qualified in  Core Strength Vinyasa Sadie Nardini.
  • Qualified in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs  Alison Trewhela YHLB Institute
  • Certificate Ayurveda Yoga for your Dosha  Madhuri Philips
  • Certificate Yin Yoga – Jennifer Kries
  •  Certificate Intro Ashtanga – Power Breath and control  – Kino Magregor
  • Certificate Anatomy trains (Tom Myers) – The Deep Front Line – The Benjamin Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Qualified – WU TAO DANCE based on Traditional Chinese Medicine – Michelle Locke
  • 2019. Fundamentals of Essential Somatics immersion – Martha Peters
  • 2019. Qualified – Intelligent Motion Training –  Kaila June