When the student is ready, the master appears – Buddha

Core intention : Encourage and inspire each student to find their inner teacher.

Linda applies the  principles of  Core Strength Vinyasa  while respecting the ancient teachings of yoga:

Grounding into the earth,  accessing the core of the body  and waving through the spine to the  unique expression of each individual .”      

Below you can see Linda’s ongoing yoga journey/education 2006 – present :

  • Qualified as a 500 hour yoga teacher – Anahata School of yoga
  • Qualified  in Pre and Postnatal Jane McKarness & Maggie McKeen.
  • Certificate cpd My Beautiful Yoga Birth Maggie McKeen
  • Qualified as Thai massage practitioner  – T M O – Jeff Pritchard
  • Certificate – Accupressure & Meridian Massage for massage therapists Jeffry Chand
  • Completed  an immersion in Vinyasa Flow Claire Missingham
  • Qualified in  Core Strength Vinyasa Sadie Nardini.
  • Qualified in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs  Alison Trewhela YHLB Institute
  • Certificate Ayurveda Yoga for your Dosha  Madhuri Philips
  • Certificate Yin Yoga – Jennifer Kries
  •  Certificate Intro Ashtanga – Power Breath and control  – Kino Magregor
  • Certificate Anatomy trains (Tom Myers) – The Deep Front Line – The Benjamin Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Qualified in WU TAO DANCE based on Traditional Chinese Medicine – Michelle Locke

Many workshops attended are not included in the above trainings .  She continues to study body movement and yoga related studies and  has the joy and privilege of sharing this knowledge with her students regularly now for the last 12 years.